New Wearable Art Pieces

I’ve really enjoyed making this new line. I have found working with the cardboard and paper very rewarding in a tactile way.

“Cityscape” Art Deco Necklace

My first piece was inspired by New York City and the texture of the cardboard.  I created the structure out of layers of cardboard in an Art Deco style. After soaking it in Sargent’s Laminate Glue and allowing it to dry, I searched for architectural images in magazines. My goal was to find black, white, and mirror-blue colors within urbanscapes.  Skyscrapers, stone walls, and metalwork were the perfect images for this necklace.  Deconstructing the photos and rebuilding them into new images excites me.  I cut them into strips and put them back together in an unorganized way.  I finished everything in multiple coats of matte finish, with exception of the blue skyscrapers that I finished with high-gloss glaze. To continue the urban, construction theme, I chose a black anodized aluminum metal chain.

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“Winds through the Changing Seasons” Necklace

Originally called “Gone with the Wind,” I renamed this one.  Someone told me it reminded them of waves and not winding winds.  That’s okay- art is in the eye of the beholder, right! I used a mosaic approach, selecting colors that reminded me of the four seasons.  The breeze moves from one season to the next, carrying some color with it.


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Flyer for Nov 30th Event


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Why I cancelled my Facebook Shopify Shop & recommitted to Etsy


Last week, I launched a Facebook Shop using the Shopify app.  My hope was that is would give me another platform to sell my jewelry.  I had started with Etsy, but my sales dwindled once they changed their policies and allowed non-handmade, artisan items.

I was shocked to learn that Etsy announced a card reader the very same week.  Surely, I shouldn’t have been, knowing that they are all in competition with each other.

Like many other small business owners, I have hopped around from platform to platform trying to overcome the never-ending changes to social media and e-commerce.  Square, PayPal, Etsy, Facebook groups, Shopify, direct sales….Allthewhile, knowing the the small number of sales on my Etsy page did not accurately represent my overall sales.

At times, I’m sure it looks a bit loosey-goosey.  The fact is, algorithms change and I am constantly reacting to those changes.  Managing multiple platforms, especially while I maintain a day job and family life, is more than challenging.

The new Etsy card reader has very similar terms to the Square reader.  Here are highlights from my pros and cons list:


– Same cost/fees as Square…sort of

-Allows for in-person direct sales

– Most sales will count in your Etsy shop, allowing for reviews for those items

– Supports inventory control

-The bright orange Etsy branding reminds people where to find you for returning purchases


-Though the fees are the same as square, if you want the added benefits of having items connect to your Etsy shop, you will have to pay the $.20 listing fee and create an active item.  Without doing so, many of the benefits are neutralized (inventory control, reviews, etc).

-Learning a new app

My Strategy

So, my strategy will be to list all or my artisan products in Etsy.  For smaller, lower-cost items, I plan to use the “Quick Sale” feature that only takes a transaction fee but does not require the $.20 listing fee.

So, sorry for all the bouncing from place to place, but I promise there is some logic to it all.  Thanks for sticking with me!


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I’m now Selling on Facebook!

CaptureI’m open for business on Facebook.  Yes, did you know that you could buy things from Facebook?

Check out my shop at

I have a few upcoming events but will be posting more and more items as I restock my inventory, including my OOAK pieces!

Happy shopping!

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3-minute Solution to Personalizing a Gift Card for Boss’s Day

It doesn’t take much to personalize a box, or even a gift card! My supervisor loves Starbucks, so I decided on a $5 gift card.  Yes, only $5.  (Well, she does make more than $1,000/month than I do… and, it’s the thought that counts!)

I chose an ad with colors that I know my boss likes.  Then, I rolled various size strips.  Glue them on, and voila!

personalized gift card

personalized gift card

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Artisan Halloween Jewelry

Here are a few pieces I made that would be statement pieces for Halloween.  They are all upcycled, using rolled magazine beads, aluminum cans, and various other materials.  Borth are currently up for auction through Tuesday, October 7th at 8:00 pm CST at the Facebook groupsite Artisan Designers Jewelry Buy and Sell.

I call them “Cruella de Ville’s Evil Candy Corn” necklace and the “Librarian Serial Killer” necklace.

photo 2photo 1

photo 3photo 4

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Buy Local Black Friday Alternative 11/30/2014

I know that the holidays seem far away, but folks in the Central Texas area should add this one to their calendars now.

ATXSeveral local artists will hold a market at the Holiday Inn Midtown on Middle Fiskville Road on November 30th from 10:00- 5:00.  This will give folks an alternative to shopping at chain and big box stores.

I will be on-hand, selling my jewelry line.  My goal is to have a variety of items made from an assortment of materials.  It’s important to me to also have things at all price points.

Be on the lookout for promotions from ATX Artisans!


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